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The Bones of Eao were sculpted for a commission, thankfully, after Ahamkara’s Spine, only a few new pieces needed to be made.

This set features two sets of spines along one thigh and one calf, which they used a modified model from Ahamkara’s Spines, a large piece at the knee with Ahamkara’s skull’s upper jaw piece models connected at the bottom, and a series of new jaggedy bits below the other knee.

We cut off the extended parts of the larger three spines and dremeled a bit of detail to make it look like it was purposeful. Even with the dremel you can mimic many features I make while sculpting. But i have no control and always end up messing things up with the dremel.

Our client had nearly the same measurements as me, making it easy to make sure the new pieces were the right size. Except I forgot to make them a little larger to make up for the thicker pants some may wear for their costume and I ended up fearing that I made them too small, but they seem to work well for everyone so far and I still love the look.

After sculpting the new pieces we made brush-on molds for the largest two, and a small block mold for the smaller jaggedy bits. We used Rebound 25 for our brush-on molds with Free Form Air for the shell, and Mold Star 15 for the block mold.

I only made the attachments for this set once, and I’m glad for it and my inability to sew stretch fabric. I made a base for the spines out of foam so they would lay against the leg evenly and flat with elastic straps and of course velcro to prevent slippage. I made the armor pieces too and the knees, I had to make them like knee pads with stretch fabric to fit around the whole knee, designed to fit below the knee so they’re actually “functional” even if they would actually be damaged…as they are just foam and resin…I was glad my client was in the military and would know how it works.

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